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In the busy day-to-day life schedule, people find it harder to prepare organic Cooking oil for their needs. Sampoorna Oil as a leading organic Metal pressed oil manufacturer ,committed to supply quality oil varieties like groundnut oil, coconut oil, sesame oil to all Locations. We Deliver healthy and tasty Metal Pressed oil at your doorstep to all Locations . We use an organic way of producing oil to retain the flavour of dishes and most importantly for a healthy life. Customers can Place Order Online and enjoy the authentic Sampoorna Chekku Oil.

Sesame/Gingely Oil

500ml ₹ 240 ₹ 204
1000ml ₹ 452 ₹ 384

Sesame seed oil is full of the nutrients needed for a healthy scalp and hair…

Groundnut Oil

500ml ₹ 206 ₹ 175
1000ml ₹ 383 ₹ 325

Peanut oil is a very rich source of protein . It should consumed in a moderate amount daily…


500ml ₹ 206 ₹ 175
1000ml ₹ 384 ₹ 327

Coconut oil promotes fast healing and recovery from cuts and burns…