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There are 3 ways of producing oil –

  • Solvent based which is found in majority of the products that contain oil. This method of extracting tends to be very cost effective since the yield is high but at the same time there are harsh chemical based solvents added that are toxic.
  • The second way is by physically extracting the oil by pressing with heat i.e. high temperatures are used which damage micro ingredients & fatty acids thus resulting in alteration in the properties of the oil. The step after extraction is refining. At times, refining tends to destroy elements & the wholesomeness. During the refining process, chemicals are added to keep the oil from going rancid so that products have a longer shelf life.
  • Cold Press or Wood Press is by pressing and grinding seeds with the use of heavy wooden handle (to maintain the low temperatures). Cold press, according to the name, does not heat up the oil seeds. Of all these oils, organically produced cold-pressed oils are the most precious because of their method of making, nutritional value and health benefits.

At Paripoorna , to keep low temperatures the traditional contraptions called ‘ghani’. Ghani is a long cylindrical chamber made from wood, with a pestle in the centre. Oil seeds are poured in the ghani and are gradually crushed by the rotating pestle till most of the oil comes out through the opening at the base. Ancient texts prove that the original cold-pressed oil do not pre-heat or heat up the oilseeds in the process of crushing or grinding them. In cold pressed oils, anti-oxidants, micro-nutrients and fatty acids are present in their pure forms .

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