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The Inception – Return to Nature


“Life with the nature is progress, not against”

Founded by a group of people who believe in this simple and yet powerful philosophy of life, in 2010, Paripoorna Wood Pressed Oil got its birth in Coimbatore. Now we have extended our supply to Chennai and Bangalore to serve our wide range of customers. The inspiration for them was none less than the legendary Nammalvar, the organic farming guru cum green crusader. Nammalvar breathed and preached organic farming with the intension of making people realize the need to return to Mother Nature.


The Guru

The history of organic farming movement in Tamil Nadu starts with Nammalvar. Organic scientist Nammalvar chose to dedicate his life to the upliftment of farmers in India and organic farming, after studying agriculture science. We at Paripoorna realize the importance of continuing the good work initiated by the Guru.


The Legend

While participating in a workshop at Aurobindo Ashram in Pondicherry, Nammalvar met a participant from abroad at lunch. The foreign lady, to everyone’s surprise refused to have the lunch served for she considered it to be “poison.” Shell shocked, Nammalvar and the rest of the participants could not believe what they heard. The lady supported her statement with a simple fact which all of us know and yet hardly react to. According to her every recipe present in the table had chemical contents in them. Crops cultivated by using chemical fertilizers can never be healthy or for that matter, hygienic. Nammalvar recalls it as the third most important lesson that he has learnt in life. Propelled by this experience, Nammalvar dedicated himself to propagate organic foods through natural farming.


The Journey

Carrying the message of the great guru Nammalvar, Paripoorna Wood Pressed Oil desires to bring to you the traditional practices of making healthy food. Your participation in this mission becomes doubly noble for it will offer patronage to farmers, who are the true backbone of our country.


Ensuring Quality – From Seed to Oil

At Paripoorna delivering Quality, Hygienic, and Organic Edible Oil forms the benchmark. How we succeed in our mission, can be better elucidated by describing the various procedures of oil production and the methodology that we at Paripoorna follow.
Edible Oil can be produced in three different ways –

  • Solvent Based: This is the most popular method of oil production which most of the companies prefer for its cost effectiveness. The companies interested in profit making prefer it owing to high yield. The cause of worry in this methodology is that this procedure requires usage of harsh chemical based solvents which are highly toxic.
  • Heat Press: The next most popular method of oil production involves physically extracting the oil by pressing with heat. To elaborate, in the first step high temperatures are applied to extract oil from the seeds. This act causes damage to micro ingredients & fatty acids and thereby results in alteration in oil’s properties. The second step involved in this process is refining. This destroys elements & the wholesomeness. Added to that chemicals are added to keep the oil from going rancid so that products have a longer shelf life.
  • Cold Press or Wood Press: The best of all method is Cold Press or Wood Press. This method involves pressing and grinding of the seeds with the use of heavy wooden handle which helps in sustaining low temperature. Cold press is the best organic way of producing oil. It scores above other methods as it increases nutritional value and promotes good health. The oil obtained is rich in anti-oxidants, micro-nutrients and fatty acids. To top it all, the oil is pure in form.


Paripoorna Health Mantra

We at Paripoorna have adopted Cold Press of Wood Press method for producing oil, In order to maintain low temperature we use the traditional contraptions called ‘ghani’. Ghani is a long cylindrical chamber made from wood, with a pestle in the centre. Oil seeds are poured into it and are gradually crushed by the rotating pestle till the oil comes out through the outlet at the base.