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Welcome to Paripoorna Oil

Founded by a group of people who believe in this simple and yet powerful philosophy of life, in 2010, Paripoorna Wood Pressed Oil got its birth in Coimbatore. Now we have extended our supply to Chennai and Bangalore to serve our wide range of customers. The inspiration for them was none less than the legendary Nammalvar, the organic farming guru cum green crusader. Nammalvar breathed and preached organic farming with the intension of making people realize the need to return to Mother Nature. The history of organic farming movement in Tamil Nadu starts with Nammalvar. Organic scientist Nammalvar chose to dedicate his life to the upliftment of farmers in India and organic farming, after studying agriculture science. We at Paripoorna realize the importance of continuing the good work initiated by the Guru.

Our Products


500ml ₹231 ₹185
1000ml ₹434 ₹347

Peanut oil is a very rich source of protein . It should consumed in a moderate amount...


500ml ₹308 ₹246
1000ml ₹588 ₹470

Sesame seed oil is full of the nutrients needed for a healthy scalp and hair...


500ml ₹241 ₹188
1000ml ₹448 ₹349

Coconut oil promotes fast healing and recovery from cuts and burns...


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